About Us


my-pics-2I’m originally from Poland (I grew up in beautiful Sopot , near Gdansk),  but  Ireland became my precious new home over 7 years ago and I’m very Ireland-ized at this point. I’m at the end of my 2nd year PhD in  Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) / Art History at Trinity College Dublin.

More about me? I’m the better half of Eoin (it might be the other way around sometimes), I love sea and beaches (luckily I live just minutes away from Dublin Bay!), I love cats (cats videos really help me smile a lot!), I love sunshine (never too much in Ireland) and I completely love museums! I Instagram, a lot!! Oh and I tweet too – that’s how I met Katrina. I found her The Wandering Museum Consultant project absolutely amazing.  As myself and Eoin are Airbnb hosts and love meeting new people, it was no-brainer to invite Katrina to stay with us during her visit to Dublin.


I am in Ireland as part of The Wandering Museum Consultant project, which is taken place throughout the UK and Ireland in June and July 2014. After acquiring my MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester in 2007, I went on to gain 7 years experience in museums in Ontario, Canada.

I am passionate about culture, archaeology and history and communicating that passion, in hopes to help others enjoy history as much as I do.

This combination of passion and experience led to me receiving the Ontario Museum Association’s 2012 Promising Leadership Award of Excellence.

I am looking forward to spending some time in Dublin and learning about the museums here.

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